Practical Poultry Magazine

Practical Poultry is a monthly magazine which builds up as a vast resource on breeding and keeping poultry. Information includes articles, news, and editorials on every aspect of maintaining a poultry stock. You will find industry related news, tips on breeding and keeping poultry, breed guides, and a mass of classified ads that you can add to or benefit from. There is a calendar of upcoming events as well as news from the most recent events, as well as competitions, a photo gallery, and more. If you never want to miss and issue then you can buy a monthly subscription and have the Practical Poultry Magazine delivered directly to your door.

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Industry News

The poultry, farming, and rural topics are awash with news and Practical Poultry aims to keep you abreast of the latest goings on that are relevant to you and your flock, brood, or clutch. There is news on any changes to regulations and law as well as news stories on those that are in the poultry industry. If its relevant and newsworthy then you will find a write up of it in Practical Poultry.

Breeding Tips

Breeding chickens and hens can prove very profitable. Whether you breed free range for the laying and selling of eggs or you breed poultry to show you can find some of the best and most modern breeding tips available. There are many ways in which breeding can go wrong and you may face a number of obstacles over the course of the breeding season but with Practical Poultry on side you won’t need to worry unduly.

Breed Guide

Different breeds of poultry may not look that different to the uninitiated but even the slightest difference can have a huge impact on the characteristics, the breeding, and the abilities of your flock. Breed guides including information on how to recognise certain breeds, the benefits and potential problems of owning particular breeds, and whether there is anything else that you need to know.


Looking for new supplies or do you have unrequired supplies of your own that you would like to sell? Classified ads are a great way of connecting buyer to seller and the benefit of this type of ads in a publication like Practical Poultry is that they are all related to a topic of particular interest to all readers. Advertise or look for the items you want in the classified ad section.

Events News And Reviews

There are many poultry related events that take place throughout the year and up and down the country. You can show your own chickens or hens, or you can go along to look at others. You can often find suppliers of some of the essential items that you will need to successfully breed your next flock too.

Competitions, Gallery, And More

Regular competitions are run within the magazine and you can win cash prizes as well as great items. Some of the competitions are directly related to poultry while others are a little more general. Whatever the topic and whatever the prizes, though, if you like competitions then you will enjoy this section of the magazine. If you prefer to look at photos of poultry and other peoples’ setups then you will find the gallery is published every month and includes great looking pictures.

Practical Poultry Magazine

Practical Poultry Magazine is a monthly publication that offers everything the avid breeder and the enthusiastic poultry shower requires. You will find breed guides, a gallery of high quality photos, competitions, and industry related news of particular interest to you and other like-minded poultry lovers. Subscribe today and have every issue delivered directly to your door.