Farmers Weekly Magazine

The Farmers Weekly Magazine is the ideal subscription for anybody that works within the farming or agricultural industry. It contains relevant and timely news on all aspects and types of farming from arable to dairy and from tractor reviews to wheat spot prices. Equipment and vehicle reviews are also prominent and are extremely beneficial to the reader who can benefit from a weekly subscription to one of the most popular farming news magazines.

Industry News

The agricultural industry is a massive industry and as well as farmers and farm owners, there are many manufacturing companies, haulage firms, and supermarkets and buyers that are heavily wrapped up within the agriculatural industry. Farmers Weekly Magazine is an ideal regular read for all of these people because of the quality and depth of industry reporting that it offers.

Equipment News And Reviews

From tractors and combine harvesters to seed storage and delivery systems, Farmers Weekly Magazine provides the latest product news and reviews. Buying any of these requires a major purchasing decision and this means ensuring that you buy the right products at the right prices. With the help of honest and insightful reviews it is possible to make better informed decisions.

Business News

Running a farm or any other related business not only requires a working and extensive knowledge of the crops or animals being farmed but also good business decisions. Following spot prices, learning the most effective ways to invest, and dealing with regular finances can prove a challenging task especially for the beginner. Farmers Weekly Magazine offers informational and useful guides on how best to rise to these challenges, information on the tools that are available to help, and background news related to relevant business topics.

Classified Ads

Classified ads can offer access to everything from used farming equipment to those that are seeking particular items. You can list your unwanted goods in order to raise a little extra cash from their sale or you can use the classified ads section to learn about or to advertise the latest exhibitions, shows, and fairs.

Latest Farming Positions

Whether you’re looking to relocate somewhere new, are looking to progress your career, or are looking for another farm hand you can view open positions and advertise any opportunities you may have in a regular publication that is distributed to thousands of farmers and people within the farming industry every single week.

Property News

Looking for a new farm? Need some extra land for growing? The property section of Farmers Weekly has all the information you need on the latest plots and buildings to go up for sale. If you want to ensure that you get the best price for a piece of land that you are selling yourself then you should consider advertising the sale in Farmers Weekly too. Readers are always on the look out for the next great opportunity.


Farm shows, exhibitions, and trade shows happen throughout the country and all year round. Such events can prove opportunities to further business interests, find new suppliers, and to network with those within the same industry as you. Find the latest news on events throughout the country including dates of upcoming events and reviews of those just passed.

Farmers Weekly

It provides up to date, relevant, and useful information that can help improve and expand your business, provide you with useful and informative reviews, and grant you access to pertinent businesses and trading information; all of which can be enjoyed regularly and conveniently with a weekly subscription to one of the country’s most popular farming publications.