Farming Magazines

We are indeed traversing and era which makes it difficult for a farmer to be ethical and still manage to stay in business, due to the grip that supermarkets have on the overwhelming majority of consumers, who are unable to turn down their oddly low prices. Shoppers’ value for money comes at an unfortunate expense, and that’s a fair amount being paid to local farmers. But awareness is gradually being raised and there are signs that someday soon traditional farming will be once again rewarded and restored to its rightful place in society. If farming is part of your existence or you’re simply curious about this way of life most people have lost connection with, these magazines would make a very captivating read.

In terms of popularity, the most frequently read publication of this genre in the UK is undisputedly Farmers Weekly Magazine, comprising news from every aspect related to farming, ranging from machinery to the commercialization of dairy products, poultry and all types of crops. For people who are drawn by country life and its consequence of self-sufficiency when it comes to essential agricultural products, Home Farmer Magazine provides them with all the necessary information on the legal requirements, efficient plot organizing, growing crops, caring for animals and much more. Other best-selling periodicals include Arable Farming Magazine, Fish Farming Today Magazine, Farming UK Magazine and Wrights Farming Register Magazine.

The rearing of poultry and especially chickens in mass-producing farms has caused resounding controversies worldwide. Fancy Fowl Magazine and Practical Poultry Magazine celebrate farmers who have not succumbed to the temptation of disregarding the welfare of their animals for a greater profit, showing you in great detail the proper way to breed and keep poultry. Practical Poultry Magazine takes you on these animals’ step-by-step journey from the cracked eggshells and adorable squeaky chirping to fully grown birds, enjoying the space, healthy nutrition and freedom of movement no fowl should have to do without. It teaches you everything you have to know if you want to start rearing your own poultry and are in need of some useful guidance. What sets Fancy Fowl Magazine aside is the fact that it also covers the breeding and keeping of waterfowl, as well as exotic species of poultry from various parts of the world.

If there’s one omnipresent and irreplaceable element on the agricultural scene, it’s definitely the tractor. Much has changed in farming throughout the decades, but the use of the ever-dependable tractor will continue for many years to come. If you’re interested in anything related to this symbolic and diverse farmers’ companion, as well as other machinery and tools currently in use, check out Classic Tractor Magazine, Massey Ferguson Tractor Magazine, Massey Ferguson Tractor and Machinery Magazine, Old Tractor Magazine, Tractor & Machinery Magazine and Tractor Magazine Profi Tractors and Farm Machinery Magazine.

The so-called benefits of a fast-paced city life, where one is often too busy to think about the quality of the air filling their lungs or provenience of their food, are starting to lose their appeal and are being exposed as irresponsibly damaging to our planet. If you share the view that ethical farming is the way forward, you will surely love these magazines.